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‘The Economics of Happiness’, June screening in Cheltenham

We are all aware that the last few decades of excessive lifestyle is having a severe effect on ours and our children’s futures and also, of course, how tough life has become for so many of us, lacking harmony, happiness and general well-being.

This Monday 22nd June, we are pleased to be screening ‘The Economics of Happiness’, a film produced by Helena Norberg-Hodge, founder and director of Local Futures International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC), with Helena joining us afterwards on Skype for Q & A’s.

Following decades of raising awareness about an unsustainable global economic system, ‘The Economics of Happiness’ was made to present the facts and address solutions through the implementation of economic localization.

The film explores the connections between climate change, economic instability and an unprecedented spread of personal suffering through physical and mental ill-health, but also illustrates how through resistance and by connecting up with so much available independent expertise from across the board, many grass roots organizations are already experiencing positive change.

In 1986 Helena Norberg-Hodge was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize for her work in helping to preserve traditional and cultural values in Ladakh and won the 2012 Goi Peace Award for her “outstanding contributions toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world for humanity and all life on earth.”

Please come even if you are only slightly concerned for the future.

Monday 22nd June open from 6.15 for 7pm

Admission is FREE because we believe in sharing ‘the need to know’ with unrestricted access.
Donations are welcomed to cover costs and in order to aid further projects within this field.

Juiciful pop-up cafe will be open from 6.30pm for delicious raw food drinks, cakes and chocolates

This is the first of a new series of MATTERSMEETS, designed to keep you informed and offer debate on issues that matter.

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