“Shakespeare Boxed” Christmas Holiday Exhibition – Dec-Jan 2012/13

“Shakespeare Boxed” Christmas Holiday Exhibition – Dec-Jan 2012/13

Merry Christmas! A time for temptations…so why not make room for one more delight and let us tempt you and the family to visit our exhibition of Artist Boxes.

Shakespeare Boxed posterIMG_7324IMG_7309

“Shakespeare Boxed and Other Stories” reveal different artist’s interpretations on the Bard and other subjects, that inevitably ponder on what it is to be…and illustrate just how unique we all are when it comes to bringing our ideas and individual choice of materials to one genre; in this instance, boxes made by artists. Revealing imaginary worlds and characters, deepspacegallery hosts an exhibition for the whole family to enjoy. A perfect reason to stretch your legs & minds! Please click on the poster thumbnail to reveal dates and times of opening.

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