‘REMEMBER’ through Poetry, Prose & Music

‘REMEMBER’ through Poetry, Prose & Music

Please join us for ‘REMEMBER’, an evening of Poetry, Prose & Music at deepspaceworks

at 7.30pm on Friday 14th November.Remember

deepspaceworks with Jennie Farley, Eley Flurrell, David Clarke and a group of poets, actors, musicians invite you to a celebratory and thought-provoking evening featuring little-known womenʼs writing, war poetry from different countries, anti-war protest poems and songs, and some new work inspired by the Great War.

A display of books and artwork will be on show featuring War-related paintings and illustrations.

Tickets are £6.50, which includes a glass of wine or soft drinks, and are available on the door or can be reserved with Su by email or text at [email protected] – 07974 697666

And don’t forget there is a Free car park at the entrance to St. Edwards Junior (Prep) School, London Road which is right opposite us at 11 Hamilton Street, Charlton Kings, GL53 8HN.

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