Poetry Workshop with NewBohemians@CharltonKings

Poetry Workshop with NewBohemians@CharltonKings

NB@CK Poetry Workshop with David Clarke, Friday 14th October

We are so delighted to welcome David back with another workshop, but this time on a very different note…

English poetry has a tradition of poems written in dedication or praise of people and things, commonly called odes. Contemporary poets have played with writing poems in praise of unlikely, or even unpleasant, things and disparaging poems about things considered praiseworthy which could be called anti-odes. Could you write an ode on traffic jams, or an anti-ode against sunshine? In this workshop we will consider the possibilities of both the ode and the anti-ode. Come along and have fun learning how to turn long held ideas on their heads by freeing your imagination.

Odes and Anti-Odes

To book your place please drop Su an email on [email protected] or text/answer message on 07974 697666

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