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Poetry Evening, 26th June at deepspaceworks

‘On Form’, poetry workshop led by award-winning poet, David Clarke

ON FORM poetry evening
Please join us for an entertaining workshop during which we can explore the differences that poetic form makes to the way we write, while raising interesting questions, for example:

“Are there poetic forms beyond the sonnet, villanelle and sestina?”

“Have you ever thought about inventing your own new forms?”

David Clarke’s workshop will help you think about how using different forms and formal constraints can change the way you write in new and exciting ways.

You are invited you to bring one poem of your own that may use a particular poetic form, to share with the audience.


Friday 26th June , 7.30pm at deepspaceworks

Tickets are £6.50 and include wine, soft drinks and nibbles.

3 Responses to “Poetry Evening, 26th June at deepspaceworks”

  1. jennie farley says:

    Delighted to welcome award-winning poet and friend David Clarke with his entertaining and informative workshop which is guaranteed to change our writing in new and exciting ways. Jennie 🙂

  2. Eley Furrell says:

    Really sorry and annoyed that I will not be able to make this one, I’m performing at Barnstable Theatre Festival. Have a great evening, and David please do it again soon. Eley


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