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Our Roadmap for reopening at deepspaceworks & FRONT Community Hub

It has been 365 days since a class has been held at deepspaceworks!
On such an auspicious anniversary, it seems to be an appropriate time to publish our hopes for reopening.

Reopening for us is less a roadmap – more a series of tentative steps! To find out more please see the guidelines below.

The great oak that appeared in our last post is showing signs that the sap is on the rise. The floodwaters have receded and the tree burgeons with bud, promising recovery and new growth.

Spring Oak

Our roadmap for the reopening of FRONT Community Hub

  • Thursday 15th April.
    We will reopen for the sale of Loose Foods & Gifts
    Our reduced opening days and times will be: Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10am to 4pm.
    Takeaway drinks & a selection of cakes and savouries will be available for purchase as well as some outdoor seating with table service.
    Any limits on numbers of visitors allowed inside the shop should be in accordance with government guidelines at the time.
  • Wednesday 19th May.
    The café is to reopen and we can’t wait to welcome you in!
    The rule of six will still apply inside. We should still maintain much caution indoors at this time, especially if the limits for the numbers of people meeting outside are lifted further as hoped.
    Limits on the numbers of visitors in the shop will be in accordance with the government guidelines at the time.
    Shop & Café opening days & times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10am-4pm.
  • Wednesday 21st June.
    We hope to be reopening fully with all previous limits lifted. This will be subject to the government lifting of legal limits on social contact.
    Shop & Café opening days & times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10am-4pm.

Our roadmap for reopening deepspaceworks

  • Thursday 15th April.
    The artists’ studios will continue to be open for use but the rest of the building must remain closed to the public and therefore to all classes and events. Continued use of PPE and social distancing is required.
  • Wednesday 19th May.
    We hope to reopen for ArtAble classes for which we can limit the numbers to 6 people in each class. These numbers will also include carers and staff.
    ArtAble class will have slightly new times on Wednesdays, at 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.
    As the ‘rule of six’ may still be in force, other classes cannot be viable so are more likely to restart in June.
  • Monday 21st June.
    We do hope to reopen fully with all limits lifted! Of course this will be subject to the government lifting of legal limits on social contact. Some precautionary measures are likely to remain in place. These may include the taking of temperatures, use of hand sanitisers, the wiping down of surfaces and in some circumstances, the continued use of PPE.

The timetable at deepspaceworks hopes to include:
On Mondays:
Evening Life Drawing. Either 4.30-6pm & 6.30-8pm.
OR a single class 6.30-9pm with an option to leave early.

On Tuesdays:
OASIS, 9am -3pm

On Wednesdays:
ArtAble for which we still plan to provide two classes at 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm

Additional dates for extra classes, events and opening times, including our popular [email protected] ([email protected]) poetry evenings will be added to the calendar as and when they are planned.

Please note that in future class members may need to provide their own materials (with some exceptions). Further information will be provided for each class.

Also please note that all details for classes, events and opening times may not yet be fully updated on the website, but you can check with Su at [email protected] .

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