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[email protected] presents…

[email protected] presents…

an evening of poetry and entertainment at deepspaceworks

on Friday 2rd September 23rd at 7.30 pm

[email protected] have been entertaining us with poetry and performance for some time now. As well as the  often extraordinary performances given by invited poets and artists we have noticed a wealth of talent emerging from audience members when sharing their own poems with us, as has become customary at each event.

Not only have we enjoyed much variety in poetic style and interpretation during themed events, but also frequently, the most entertaining deliveries, too.

So unable to resist the opportunity to add an extra date to our calendar of events for [email protected], we cordially invite you to the first

New Voices, New Talent; from [email protected]


Expect the unexpected from the exciting performance poet Lukas who will headline the occasion. Followed by a double bill from Iris Anne Lewis and Peter McDade, two poets working together to produce poems on the theme Under the Influence. After the interval we will be entertained by our inimitable Dee, with a vibrant and funny performance. Each member of the audience is invited to bring what you consider to be your ‘best poem’ to share with us.

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