Artist Statement

I am a person made of wire, string and the scavenged parts of someone I used to be. Nothing has ever been routine, run of the mill or easy, as my construction is without emotional padding; meaning that I live in a world that is at once baffling, frightening and astounding in its beauty, where anything from birds of prey in flight to the layers of rust on a radiator can inspire awe.

The urge to create art is like the need to breathe, and is not something I can readily explain. What strikes me; I sketch in rapid lines or detailed drawings and love nothing more than working in the field. I research subjects from as many angles as possible; particularly the mythical; and use the information to create implied narratives or add a sense of mystery to works, which I create in a variety of two and three dimensional media.
I believe that I can see the magical in what might be called mundane.


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