Janie Ranger

Janie Ranger

Artist Statement

Reflections and memories can be unconscious, controlled, random, submerged, retrieved. Some have clarity: many are blurred and undefined, almost forgotten. Intertwined or dispersed they can become dream like or obscure ghost stories. They decompose and become the layers of remembrance.

Obessions with mark making and collecting detritus are informing my current work. Combining abstract and representational elements arising from the notions of death, decay and memorabilia, the process of the work is as organic as its influences. Nothing is pre-concieved. The work is often erased, covered up, reconfigured. One thing leads to another.


Biography (click to expand)

September 2011
Brighton Art Fair
July 2011
Cheltenham Group of Artists, Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham
June 2011
Cheltenham Open Studios
June 2011
Group Show at deepspaceworks, Cheltenham
September 2010
Brighton Art Fair
July 2010
AFAS Summer Exhibition at Mall Galleries, London
June 2010
Ludlow Contemporary Summer Exhiition


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