deepspaceworks is now permanently closed as of 30th March 2024.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved over the last two decades.
This website remains simply as an archive of some of the things we got up to.



There are several art studio spaces at deepspaceworks

deepspacestudios are currently home to the following artists:

Su Billington

Love for curating combined with interest in self portraiture are realised in works that draw on the performance of experience; perform the experience of drawing; experience the performance of drawing. Current work also includes ‘Field Press Series’ – an attempt to archive the material elements in life that tame the free spirit.

Danni Brown

I am a multimedia artist who finds it difficult to explain herself in 50 words. My practice spans clown, drag, queer live art, installation, video art and painting. I excavate myself for art; I am often my canvas. I explore the experience of being embodied to reclaim myself; using the “profound ridiculous” to provoke and start important conversations.

Indy Cantillon

I have a compulsion to paint and draw; scraps of paper, canvas, skin – much of it gets discarded, but sometimes I keep pieces and work them to some kind of conclusion. The process of creation is more important to me than the finished work

Jessie Carr

I’m a multi disciplinary artist and art tutor, with a long background in design and scenic art. From landscapes to lichens, I’m inspired by the weird and wonderful in nature, often working larger than life, with an emphasis on pattern and form.
Preferring the subject to dictate, I work in a range of styles, scale and media on a wide variety of surfaces.

Instagram @carr.jessie

Caroline Evans (Forever Bouquet Fine Art)

Caroline specialises in capturing special occasion flowers, particularly wedding bouquets, in oil paint creating beautiful, timeless, keepsakes. Her other work includes mixed media paintings and photographs inspired by nature and light on surfaces.

Tony Heath

Tony’s work, described as unrestrained, invigorating, determined, exciting and ambitous praises the pleasures of colour and movement in a style which is both vibrant and original. He has sold various works in England and America.

Bettina Holm-Mclachlan

I’m a Cheltenham-based textile and mixed-media artist with a passion for repurposing. I have a passion for all things unloved. These prints have been created using preloved materials such as old clothes, images, and recycled plastic to create images to be loved and cherished again. Follow me on Instagram @oiidesignstudio

Lottie Jana

Hello, I’m Lottie. I create jewellery using recycled silver in my studio here at Deep Space. I use traditional silversmithing techniques alongside experimentation and love to create non-identical pieces. Even within a design, each item will often have its own quirks and personality.

Fumio Obata

Fumio is a comic book artist who specialises in sequential image design. Also a lecturer in Art and Design as well as an illustrator, his work takes influences from both European and Japanese aesthetics.

Antonella Scarpa-Isles

Antonella Scarpa-Isles is a Landscape artist based in Cheltenham. She paints familiar places, usually starting from a group of photographs, but mainly relying on her memory, letting the images emerge of their own accord over time.

“My paintings are inspired by nature: water, trees, skies, and reflections; the way they interact with each other is my main interest. The paintings are a direct response to these elements, but they aim to capture and evoke a mood rather than a specific location.“

Lake, Acrylic on board. 61×61 cms

Autumn Reflection, Acrylic on mono print. 53x63cm