deepspaceworks is now permanently closed as of 30th March 2024.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved over the last two decades.
This website remains simply as an archive of some of the things we got up to.
deepspace-virtual-gallery 8

deepspace-virtual-gallery 8

On this rather special gallery wall we are delighted to present a verbal projection by poet, Jennie Farley, to launch you into a virtual party mood for the weekend.

Jennie is the founder and my fellow conspirator (we love to meet and plot and plan) for NewBohemians@CharltonKings at deepspaceworks, which has now been running for more than five years and usually boasts a year round timetable of poetry, music and writing workshops, sadly postponed for the time being.

Now it’s Jennie’s turn to grace our gallery wall.

Jennie’s poems have featured in many journals and anthologies and she has had collections of her poetry published by Indigo Dreams:

My Grandmother Skating
“Jennie Farley’s new collection of poetry is inspired by the extraordinary in the everyday.  She introduces us to a fabulous cast of characters, from a king who believes he is made of glass to a girl who was raised by wolves, all of whom have their own unique take on the world.  Drawing on magic, myth, and fairytale, Farley holds up a mirror to our contemporary reality.”

and Hex.
“In HEX the everyday is imbued with old magic from myth, legend and folklore. Characters in these tales include deviant goddesses, eccentric old ladies, a female arm-wrestler, a cross- dresser and an erring priest who play out narratives inspired by passion, unrequited love, loneliness and intimations of mortality.”

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  1. Such a wonderful secret glimpse into a unique party of flying pots and pans, Russian dancing dolls and disgruntled mirrors on the wall. The imagery is enticing and utterly enchanting. What a lockdown soirée to be sure…wish I could have been there! I want an invitation next time!

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