deepspace-virtual-gallery 6

deepspace-virtual-gallery 6

Our gallery wall today boasts paintings by Antonella Scarpa-Isles.
Antonella is the second of our current studio members to exhibit on the deepspace-virtual-gallery walls, which feature works completed on her precious days off as a key worker.

Arriving at deepspaceworks almost a year ago from her previous studio in Bath, where she worked, taught and exhibited as an established printmaker and painter, Antonella is now also producing entirely different works in 3D. We look forward to exhibiting some of her works in other mediums before long!

In the meantime please enjoy these masterful landscapes…

Please click on the images below to view each landscape in it’s entirety.

Previous artists featured in deepspace-virtual- gallery:
Janie Ranger
Leah, Tricia and Albert McDowell
Roger Matthews
Paul McKee
Olivia Harvey

To find out if works are available for purchase or for any further information that may not be available via the links on each page please email Su at [email protected]

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    1. Thank you for your comment Annette. I entirely agree that ‘Filtering Light’ is very atmospheric and I love the expansive space that Antonella has created in the foreground as well as in the distance beyond the treeline.

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