deepspaceworks is now permanently closed as of 30th March 2024.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved over the last two decades.
This website remains simply as an archive of some of the things we got up to.
Covid-19 Closures at deepspaceworks

Covid-19 Closures at deepspaceworks

In light of the developing nature of the coronavirus in the UK we have decided to close deepspaceworks to the public from Wednesday 18th March until Monday 20th April.

Currently this will be treated as an elongated Easter break with a view to adding on extra classes and any cancelled events to an extended Summer Term.

We will keep you informed of any further developments that may change the current plan.

Please take care, look after yourselves, keep an eye on those in need and above all STAY CREATIVE and KEEP SMILING!

All the best

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  1. Sorry I am not coming to Oasis this afternoon as I am avoiding contact. I have cancelled all my Tai Chi classes! Gillian xxxx

  2. thank you Su

    Sad news but not unexpected I suppose. Looking forward the 20th April – or whenever. Meanwhile I must get on with some solitary drawing, painting and smiling – no excuses!

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