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deepspaceworks is home to artistbookarts, and hosts a collection of artist’s books viewable by appointment.

Artist’s Books can be many things; the artwork of the artist bound into a book-like form; a format for visual ‘texts’; an opportunity for interpretation, transformation and tribute; books as systems, a portable exhibition, a vessel for ideas, a collection point for cross-disciplinary techniques, a medium that offers opportunity for collaboration; something that can be individually made or luxuriously reproduced.

You can see a list of our collection of artists’ books on our deepspacelibrary page.

Artist Book Courses

artistbooksArtist books courses are available at deepspaceworks
Please register your interest via the contact details at the foot of the website

Discover the concept of the artist book and their associations in historical and contemporary fine art practice, assess their potential within fine art practice, and explore a range of techniques employed to create artist books.

artistbookarts course provision:
Materials: Papers for pages, cover papers/fabrics, greyboard/mountboard, twine, scrim etc., printmaking materials and equipment, handouts, refreshments.

The shorter length, 2 day course, focuses on basic paperfold and book binding methods with an introduction to Artist’s Books.

The full length artistbookarts course content includes:

Week 1

An Introduction to Artist’s Books – Presentation
Handling the collection
From Codex to CD-R – Discussing the artist’s book format.
Paper folding – Demonstration
What is and what is not an Artist’s Book? – Discussion

Week 2

Materials and Making – Choosing materials/looking at samples
Making – Concertina, Japanese, Bound books
Demonstration/making – Bound book

Week 3

Artist’s Talk, e.g. Andrew Morrison, Two Wood Press.
Presentation & Handling.
The Birth of the Small Press – Links to codex, uses of text and typeface in artists books – Talk

Week 4

Folding and Cutting
Experiments with Paper & Print – Beyond Codex, The Art of Paper
Introduction to print methods. – Talk and practical session.

Week 5

Developing Ideas – Work in Progress
From San Francisco to Bristol – Introducing the Worldwide Network

Week 6

Continuing work in Progress
Q & A’s


deepspaceworks is also home to artistboxarts. Click here to find out more.