deepspaceworks is now permanently closed as of 30th March 2024.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved over the last two decades.
This website remains simply as an archive of some of the things we got up to.
ArtAble Antics for Red Nose Day

ArtAble Antics for Red Nose Day

ArtAble Antics for Red Nose Day! Thank you, ArtAble, and those of you who sponsored us! By the end of Wednesday afternoon we had raised our target amount of £65 and more!
We counted a whopping £73.75 – all raised by having FUN! And the fund is still growing, reaching over £85 with another 24+ hours to go.
See our Red Nose Day page at:

And so we were suitably dressed for a special Red Nose Day party at deepspacegallery, in the middle of the IMPRESS ’13 Stone Lithography exhibition. We laughed, we ate, we giggled, we drank, we chortled, we drew, we roared, we auctioned, we ached, we danced, we had hysterics, we ‘passed the parcels’ (containing gifts donated by Latchfords, our nearby gorgeous gift shop), we howled & howled & howled.
As you can tell we had LOTS of fun!

See below for photos of our glamorous selves…

ArtAble Glammed up (or not)!

Alison   RNDCynthiaH  RNDCynthiaW  RNDDesiree

RNDLesley   RNDSimon  Carol   Carol & Alison

Red Nose Day Drawings